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Unsolicited Testimonials - The 30-Days To No More PMS Nutritional Program Completely Eliminates PMS

Discover the Safe, Natural and Simple Program that Corrects the Real Cause of PMS; Nutritional Imbalances.


Read Testimonials of People who Have used the 30 Days System:


I am so amazed at the results. For so many years I suffered every month from swelling, breast tenderness, bloating and mood swings and I thought that this was the way it was supposed to be.

Now, I know different and after only 2 months on your program everything is so much better. I am so happy I met you both, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Sheryl N.

Dear Drs. Lawrence

When I brought my wife in to see the two of you I was at my wit's end. If you remember, I literally had to drag her in by the back of her neck. She did not want to come. But I knew if something didn't change our marriage was over. Well, something did change. She finally agreed to start on your program when I called a divorce lawyer. Today, we are back in love and life is great again. I am so glad we found you and we are so glad you could help Susan.

Matthew B.

Dear Drs. Lawrence, Allen and Lisa:

My life is my own again. Your diet and PMS prevention program has made a world of difference in my life. I am back on track with my boyfriend and work has never been better. I was so surprised how easy it was to change my eating habits. I used to think I could never give up chocolates and if you can believe it I haven't had one morsel of chocolate in 3 months and I do not even miss it. Your help and caring have been so greatly appreciated.

Audrey W.

Dr. Allen and Dr. Lisa:

I do not know if you get many letters from men about PMS but I just had to write and thank the two of you for the marvelous help you gave my wife Maggie. She suffered from PMS before we met and she has been to many many doctors seeking help. She was put on birth control pills and her PMS really got much worse, the same doctor told her that if the birth control pills don't work she would just have to learn to live with her PMS.

Another doctor prescribed a medication that was very expensive and it really didn't help her very much at all. Another doctor told her that she would have to put progesterone fluid in her butt and it helped a little but it was so messy that she ultimately stopped doing it. When we met with the two of you and you explained to us that PMS was caused by her diet and lack of certain "essential nutrients" we were skeptical, but since nothing else worked we decided that she had no other better alternatives.

Well, let me tell you, Maggie is completely symptom free now and I can't thank you enough. You guys really know what you are doing and we appreciate it. One last thing. We have never met anyone in the medical profession who was so easy to talk to and so nice, you are truly unusual. We are saying a prayer for the two of you every day.

Jerrad and Maggie S.

Before I came to see the two of you I had the worst PMS in the world. For two weeks every month I was a monster. I would scream at my children, I would cry endlessly, I threw things at my husband, I could hardly function and did and said things at work (I am a third grade teacher) that I am not at all proud about. How I have not lost my job, my husband and my family I really do not know.

Well that is all in the past. I am back to my old happy me. Last month I started my period and was taken by surprise as I had absolutely no indication that it was even going to come. I had to look at my calendar to make sure that something wasn't wrong and when I saw that my period was due, I believe I was possibly the happiest woman in the world. For the first time in many years I had absolutely no PMS symptoms. Thank you both for helping me get my life back!

Lynda M.

Hello Drs. Allen and Lisa:

I do not know if you remember me, I am Terry W. I saw the two of you three years ago. You really helped me a lot. But I am not writing about me. I am writing about my daughter Janie. Two years ago when Janie turned 15 she started having really bad PMS symptoms. I tried to get her to come see you but she refused. Six months ago she got in trouble for acting out at school, she blew up and screamed at a teacher and hit another girl.

I was called to the principal's office and they told me that they would expel her from school if she did not get some help. Up until then Janie had been getting B's and had been talking about going to college. We know that this could certainly be a problem if she was expelled for her behavior. I put her on the exact same program you gave to me and lo and behold when her next menstrual period was due she only had some very mild PMS symptoms. Last month she had no PMS symptoms.

Her grades on exams have gone up and the principal says that she has made "a very significant turn around." You told me when I first saw you to start everyone in the house on the same diet but I had not listened. Now I want you to know that I finally did and your diet helped me to help Janie. I just want you to know how much we all appreciate your having helped all of us.

Terry W.

Dear Dr. Lisa:

I just wanted you to know that I am doing very well. After moving to New York, I stopped my diet and started eating as I did before I started your program. Everything was great for a few months and then one month I started having PMS symptoms again. I restarted taking the vitamins and my symptoms got better. I was sure that I did not need to do the whole program, that I could go back to eating as I did before, but I soon found that the worse I ate, the worse the symptoms I had.

You were right. PMS is really tied to what I was eating. Anyway, once I really realized that I went back to eating according to the diet plan, my PMS symptoms went away and it has now been over a year and half. I have not had a single PMS symptom. I feel great and I think I even look a few years younger.

By the way, since I have been on the PMS diet I have lost 30 pounds and I have not even tried to lose any weight. Isn't that great. Thank you so much for all of your help. I won't forget you.

Love, Jennie M

Dear Doctors Lisa and Allen,

Thank you so much. I thought I was going crazy. Every month I had a horrible headache for a day or two before my period. Nothing seemed to help and my doctor told me to minimize my breast pains and the tension I was feeling by taking some over-the-counter pain pills.

The worse problem, however was the increased stress I experience on my job. My job doesn't allow for "stress control." I'm a high school principal. After meeting with both of you and learning about the Metamorphosis program for PMS elimination I revamped my diet and revved up the nutritional content of my diet and added the PMS support vitamins.

For the past two months I have had no headaches and my sweet cravings have gone away. I've lost ten pounds without trying and have never felt better. Oh, yes, I am much less stressed, I can handle my work much better and feel great. Bless you both for your dedication and help.

Sonia B.

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If you suffer from PMS, or have a spouse, daughters, relatives, or friends who suffer from PMS, this book is a must-read.

Become symptom free in 30 to 90 days or less!

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