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Recognizing And Eliminating PMS

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Welcome to the home of Drs. Lisa and Allen Lawrence, authors of the must have e-Book and nutritional system for eliminating your PMS symptoms in 30-days or less.

Drs. Allen and Lisa Lawrence have successfully treated thousands of women with PMS. Now they want to help you get your life back again. In this website we will present information on PMS, what it is and also unsolicited testimonials from just a very few of the thousands of women who used the Lawrence's Eat You PMS Away Program to eliminate their PMS symptoms and have eliminated their PMS symptoms and regained control over their life once again. We will tell you about our book "30-Days To No More PMS" and how it can help you. And we will tell you how, if you order now you can get a free gift, our "30-Days To No More PMS Cookbook." both for one single low price. Everything you need to Eat Your Way Out of PMS.

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If you do you can now eliminate your PMS symptoms forever! New studies tell us that PMS is caused by a vitamin-mineral deficiency which causes a resulting hormonal imbalance. What you have eaten and not eaten in the past has caused your PMS. Now, using the Lawrence's, Eat Your PMS Away Nutritional Program, you can correct these deficits and correct the hormonal imbalances they have caused. 30-Days to No More PMS is a Safe, Natural, and Easy-To-Follow program.

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Making The Diagnosis of PMS

If you have symptoms which you believe are caused by PMS, but you are still not sure whether or not you have PMS, then click here to review the signs and symptoms of PMS. See if you have any or many of the cyclic pattern of symptoms, starting one to two weeks prior to the onset of your menstruation and then going away with or shortly after the onset of your menstruation. Using this information you will be able to tell if your are suffering from PMS. If the symptoms you experience are mild this will likely mean that you have mild or early PMS. Since PMS symptoms often increase in severity over time we suggest that you get on our program immediately and prevent your symptoms from worsening. If you have severe PMS or are still not sure that your symptoms are caused by PMS we strongly recommend that you seek help from a competent PMS practitioner or your OB/Gyn. The average medical doctor may not know enough to help you reverse or even eliminate your PMS so make sure that you see someone who works with PMS on a daily basis. Our Metamorphosis On-Line PMS Counseling Programİ may be able help you. We can help you make a clear accurate diagnosis and create a healthful, sane and easy PMS treatment program to assist you in eliminating entirely your PMS symptoms.

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What You'll Find in "30-Days to No More PMS":

How PMS negatively affects women's self-image, family, marital
       relationship, sexuality, job performance, school, etc.
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How to eliminate PMS permanently through an easy, medication free,
      inexpensive program.

Easy-to-follow dietary program that helps control your PMS by balancing
      the nutritional deficiencies which has caused your PMS.

How to deal with teenage PMS.

How PMS symptoms can affect the onset of menopause.

And much more!

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